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In-store Lay-by Terms and Conditions


Each new lay-by requires a 10% minimum deposit.


Lay-by is available on a 6-month term. Lay-by’s must be paid in full and collected by the finalisation date printed on the lay-by receipt. Lay-by’s not paid in full or collected by the finalisation date will be returned to stock.


In-store lay-by’s do not require set fortnightly repayments, however, a payment must be made at least every 30 days, or the lay-by may be cancelled.


Individual items can be added to and/or removed from in-store lay-by’s during the lay-by term at the customer’s request.


There is no cancellation fee for lay-by’s, however if a lay-by is not paid in full or collected by the finalisation date, or payments are not made as required, resulting in the lay-by being returned to
stock, our staff reserve the right to retain 10% of the total amount of the lay-by.


Individual items may be paid for and collected from in-store lay-by’s prior to completion or finalisation of the lay-by, provided that a 10% deposit remains on the balance of the lay-by.


Our staff reserve the right to ask for photo identification from customers when collecting or cancelling in-store lay-by’s.

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