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Online Lay-by Terms and Conditions


Each new lay-by requires a 10% minimum deposit. For online lay-by’s this amount is set at the time of lay-by creation and can not be changed.


Lay-by is available on a 6-month term, depending on current lay-by promotions which may have fixed time-frames (ie Mid Year Lay-by events). Lay-by’s must be paid in full and collected by the finalisation date specified in the online payments contract. Lay-by’s not paid in full or collected by the specified finalisation date will be returned to stock.


Online lay-by’s use the Payments Plan system, and require set fortnightly repayments. At the time of lay-by creation, customers enter into a payment plan contract via the system. During this process, customers will be required to nominate a payment method for the lay-by, from which will automatically deduct the lay-by’s set fortnightly repayments, in line with the agreed contract arrangement. Rest assured, is a safe and secure third party provider, and all of your information will remain safe, in line with our existing security and privacy policies.


Unfortunately, online lay-by’s can not be modified at any time after initial lay-by creation.


There is no cancellation fee for lay-by’s, however if a lay-by is not paid in full or collected by the finalisation date, or payments are not made as required, resulting in the lay-by being returned to
stock, our staff reserve the right to retain 10% of the total amount of the lay-by. Lay-by’s containing Click and Collect Only Items, that have an address which is not local to our Kingaroy area, will be automatically cancelled and refunded as these items can not be posted, and must be collected in-store. If a customer lives outside our local area and wishes to lay-by a Click and Collect Only Item for a third party person (ie Son, Daughter, Grandchild) to collect, please contact us in-store via phone before creating an online lay-by to avoid automatic cancellation.


Online lay-by’s can not be modified, as stated above. Online lay-by’s can be either collected in-store at our Kingaroy based store, or be shipped directly to the customer via Australia Post for a nominated postage fee. Lay-by’s can not be collected from any other location, this option is only available at our store in Kingaroy. Click and Collect Only Items will not be able to be posted under any circumstances; these items are clearly labelled as Click and Collect Only on the individual product page for each item, so please be mindful when making lay-by item selections. 


Our staff will require photo identification from customers when collecting online Lay-by’s in-store.

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